Family photography – there’s never been a better time!

Time is so precious!  Children grow, grandparents pass away …

It’s so important to have a family photograph that will be a part of your heritage and will be treasured by your children and your children’s children.  If there were a fire in your house, I would imagine that you, like most of us, would first of all grab the irreplaceable things – the photographs that tell the story of your family.  Through various moves and unfortunate circumstances, I have lost many photos of my parents and grandparents, but treasure those I have with all my heart.  Having a quality family photograph hanging is not the same as the photos you will take on your mobile phone and possibly never look at again!  The pictures I treasure most are those of my family, gracing my walls, so that I can enjoy them every day!

If you’ve been “thinking about it” forever – take the opportunity now and don’t delay!  You won’t regret it, book your family sitting now!

Family photography – great special offers!

Families – 19€

A family shoot is a priceless heirloom!  We never know if work is going to take us to far corners of the globe, or if an illness will make us bedbound.  Seize the day and get great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, youngsters, teenagers, children and babies together.    Or just the two of you!

The offer includes session, and a large print valued at 93€.

Now just 19€